Grand Tour from the inland of Sardinia to its beaches, via Malvasia

  • April 27th - May 04th 2020

  • Duration
    • 8 days, 7 nights
  • Area
    • Sardinia – Italy
  • Start Grid
    • April 27th, 2020
  • Uniqueness
    • Drive 1,000km of pure pleasure
    • Visit Sardinia's most famous winery
    • Lunch at star-rated Michelin restaurant
    • Discover the best beaches with a private mini-cruise
    • Explore the wild Sardinia’s in-land

Day1 ⁞ A Prima Vista

  • Arrive in Livorno.
  • Sip an aperitivo before departing west, towards the sunset.
  • Board on the cruise and leave the Continent (@ 21:00 o’clock).

Day2 ⁞ Armonioso

  • The rising sun, between the sea and the sky, welcomes us on the seaside of Golfo Aranci.
  • Are you ready to explore the magic Costa Smeralda? Let’s the Grand Tour begin!
  • Drive through dense forests, rocky coasts, endless bays, clear waters, pink and white beaches until the first destination: Castelsardo.
  • Walk through the alleys of this village, up to the castle, high on the sea, then taste some Sardinian’s specialities.
  • Move-on heading towards the Coral Riviera, Alghero… immerse your senses.
  • Relax in the luxurious Villa-Hotel (with wide and comfortable SPA), a favourite by royal families.

Day3 ⁞ Passionato

  • Let's move south-east, in-land, in the wildest and most uncontaminated nature.
  • The scent is of myrtle and rosemary (and if you want, even tyre).
  • Drive, with joy, 800 meters above the sea level, on a panoramic road.
  • Let's glimpse on Bosa with its varied pastel-coloured houses.
  • Lunch with some freshly caught fish: tuna, crustaceans… we are on the seafront.
  • Give free rein to all horsepower on the coastal-drive to Alghero. Wow, it looks like a movie!
  • Visit the most important and prestigious Sardinian winery.
  • It is the sunset and aperitif time… nothing better than a taste of Sardinian’s best nectars.

Day4 ⁞ Allegro

  • Abandon the contemporary civilization and continue the journey: let’s start with the Malvasia road.
  • Then enjoy the largest amusement park for petrol-heads in Italy. More than 200km of pure fun… curves, straights, a multitude of grades… all surrounded by stunning landscapes.
  • Is it about driving only? No, the Montiferru's specialities and the most rugged and authentic Sardinia are here.

Day5⁞ Forte

  • Reignite the engines: after all, we are still in the biggest amusement park for petrol-heads in Italy.
  • Not only great roads in this part of Sardinia… visit Su Nuraxi (UNESCO world heritage site) the best nuraghe on the island.
  • Not only shepherds… lunch at star-rated Michelin restaurant, the best expression of Sardinian’s tradition.
  • Let’s move-on with the Grand Tour, surrounded by the inaccessible walls of the Gennargentu mountains. Here the scent of the sea unfolds after a beautiful set of curves.
  • Drive-up to 1,000 meters, the mountain is rough, hard, naked and splits into spectacular gorges.
  • A succession of panoramic mountain passes… then the sea.
  • Relax in the luxurious "natural" resort… what a day! Good night.

Day6 ⁞ Magnifico

  • Leave the hot-wheels for the day, let’s jump on a private mini-cruise and go.
  • Relax by admiring shimmering turquoise waters, white beaches and limestone cliffs. Here the mountains meet the sea.
  • Experiment the peace, tranquillity and poetry of an inaccessible corner of Sardinia. But also its mystery …visit the extraordinary, and still little-known, Grotta del Fico.

Day7 ⁞ Rapido

  • Oliena, Lula, Bitti… evocative names, perhaps even more than the famous ones of the Costa Smeralda.
    Formerly brigands’ land, but also one of amazing landscapes… and deserted roads where you feel free to go.
  • Check out the marinas, the long coral beaches… and then Golfo Aranci, where everything started.
  • Board on the cruise, towards the Continent, after 1,000km of adventures, emotions, scents and flavours. Sardinia, what an amazing place!

Day8 ⁞ Arrivederci

  • It's sunrise Sunday.
  • This is Livorno, but the heart and mind are still in Sardinia. How many memories? Lots!
  • Goodbye friends!

Being an exclusive Grand Tour, the number of participants is small and strictly limited to assure an authentic and high quality experience.

Starting Entry Fee of € 2,290.00 for person sharing a Sports-car and room includes:

  • Night crossing to/ from Sardinia for 1 adult, with a sports-car and private cabin with window.
  • 4 and 5 star hotels for 5 nights, including breakfasts and parking.
  • 6 typical lunches and 7 gourmet dinners with set menu to assure taste of Sardinian specialties (including 2017 star-rated Michelin restaurant).
  • 1 wine tasting event.
  • Day excursion on a private mini-cruise with skipper.
  • Gala Dinner
  • AutoTurismo.RS support car team.
  • Kickoff Briefing in Golfo Aranci.
  • Non sports-car transport (i.e.: private roundtrip to the mini-cruise).
To minimize hotel transfer, only 3 top-rated lodges will be used. If you plan to join in a sports-car with more than 2 participants please contact us for a personalized quote. €4,580.00
Please inform us of any food allergy for your pleasure, comfort and safety.


  • Suite Sardinia Hotel room upgrades (e.g.: suites) available on request.
  • Car Transportation For sports-cars shipping to / from the venue of the Grand Tour please enquire.
  • Chauffeur Service For chauffeur service to / from the venue of the Grand Tour please enquire.
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