Terms & Conditions

  1. General Information

This is an Event promoting non-competitive motorsport activities and not a race.

At least one of the Participants (also referred as Team) needs to be a Member of the Association.

Participants must not compete at any level with other Participants or any other persons and they must not place any bets relating to this Event.

Anyone found doing this will be removed immediately from the Event with immediate effect and the remainder of Participants’ trip cancelled without refund.

Participants must drive and behave with care and attention for Participants’ own safety and the safety of others.

  1. Age Restrictions

All Participants driving must be over 18 years of age in order to enter the Event.

  1. Entry Fee and Payment Terms

The Entry Fee is in Euros/EUR/€.

During the course of the year the Entry Fee may be updated following significant modifications of relevant costs (either an increase or a decrease).

The Participants will then notify the Organizer the acceptance of the revised Entry Fee to allow the Organizer to keep-on with the supplying commitment.

The Entry Fee must be paid according to the invoices due date, if any, and any failure to do so will result in the Team being removed from the Event.

  1. Code of Conduct

All Participants must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations of each and every country Participants travel in during the Event, this includes without exception all speed regulations, laws of the road, laws relating to the safety of Participants vehicle and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances.

All Participants must conduct themselves sensibly at all times and act responsibly at each of the venues on route.

Specifically, Participants must not:

  • Consume alcohol above the threshold imposed by local regulations whilst driving nor drive under the influence of any other intoxicating substance at any time during the Event
  • Drive if Participants’ ability to do so safely and properly is in any way compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, or any other condition.

All Participants must provide credit card details for security deposit when entering the Event and they will be charged for any extras or damages before leaving the Event.

Participants cannot participate in any other vehicle than the one Participants registered with unless specifically authorized by the Organizer.

  1. License and Insurance

All drivers must hold a full valid and unrestricted driver’s license.

Participants must have valid car insurance with a reputable insurance company.

  1. Foreign Compliance

Each Team is responsible to prepare its car and know, understand, and comply with any applicable driving laws of any country visited during the Event.

  1. Indemnify

Participants will indemnify the Organizer, its directors, officers, employees and consultants against any and all claims, lawsuits and causes of action whatsoever or howsoever arising and brought against them by any third party as a result of Participants action or participation in the Event, including without limitation, Participants violation of any laws or regulations or Participants breach of these Terms and Conditions of entry.

  1. Waivers, Changes and Cancellations

To participate to any Event, it is necessary that at least one of the Participants (also referred as Team) is a Member of the Association and pay the Membership fee, which is not refundable.

No refund of any kind including the Entry Fee will be granted, under any circumstances, to those who are not present at the start of the Event or withdraw, after Participants have entered the Event (i.e. after paying any sum towards taking part in the Event), during the course of it for any reason.

Likewise, no refund will be given to those who could not take part to the Event due to lack or irregularity in the driving license and / or insurance.

There will not be any refunds during the whole period of the Event.

If Participants are unable to continue in the Event for any reason whatsoever the Organizer will not make any refunds of the Entry Fee or pay compensation to Participants.

Any Participants dropping out of any part of the Event for any reason will not be entitled to any compensation.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the Event schedule without prior notice if and when they wish to do so.

It is recognized to the Organizer the right to substitute services, hotels, restaurants and / or accommodations with others of similar characteristics, for operational reasons or other supervening needs.

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in or to cancel the Event at any time for any reason whatsoever (without being obliged to disclose the reason) by communicating it to the Participants 10 working days before departure.

In case of cancellation the Organizer shall reimburse participants the Entry Fees paid only to the extent that Organizer can get a refund by operators of already booked services.

  1. Replacements

The withdrawing Participants can be substituted by another person provided that:

  • The Organizer is informed in writing at least 30 days before the date set for departure and concurrently receive all information regarding the identity of the new Participants
  • The supplanted satisfies all the conditions for the use of the service and in particular the requirements relating to the possession of a valid driving license and car insurance
  • The supplanted reimburses all expenses incurred for the replacement to the extent that those will be quantified before the transfer.
  1. Branding

Participants agree to have the AutoTurismo.RS and all official Event sponsors’ stickers, if any, placed on Participants’ vehicle at all times during the Event.

Participants are responsible to keep all stickers’ clean and visible at all times. All stickers are non-permanent and are easy to remove and will not leave any damage to Participants vehicle.

The Organizer is not responsible for any claims of damage to Participants’ vehicle as a result of applying or removing of such stickers.

If Participants do not display all AutoTurismo.RS stickers at all times during the Event Participants might be removed from the Event with immediate effect and the remainder of Participants’ trip cancelled without refund.

Participants are not permitted to use the AutoTurismo.RS logos or branding under any circumstance other than placing stickers on Participants vehicle.

This includes any printed material or websites without first obtaining the prior written consent of the Organizer.

  1. Team Sponsorship

All sponsorship has to be authorized by the Organizer and Participants will need to receive written consent from the Organizer to place any sponsor(s) logos on Participants’ vehicle or clothing.

Each Team is allowed as many sponsors as they wish to help fund their participation.

Team sponsors are allowed with no restrictions on size as long as Participants have the official AutoTurismo.RS stickers in place (1 driver door, 1 passenger door, 1 bonnet).

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any unauthorized sponsored vehicles or individual Participants entry to the Event.

If Participants Team arrives at or attempts to participate in the Event displaying any branding of a sponsor that has not been authorized by the Organizer, Participants will be required to remove it immediately.

Any failure to do so will result in refusal to the Event and loss of any participation in the Event and Participants shall not be entitled to a refund of Participants entry fee.

  1. Image Rights

All Participants acknowledge and consent to be photographed and to be included in any filming of footage documenting the Event.

Participants hereby waive any and all rights of publicity or privacy and grant the Organizer full and complete permission to utilize and exploit Participants’ appearance in the Event in any and all manner and media throughout the world in perpetuity.

Participants also agree that the Organizer have the sole discretion to use or refuse to use any photographs or footage in which Participants appear, and that if the Organizer does use such photographs or footage, it may be edited at the Organizer’s sole discretion.

Participants consent to the use of Participants’ name, image, likeness, voice and biographical material about Participants in connection with any and all footage, publicity and related material and for any and all communication purposes.

Participants expressly release the Organizer and all its employees, consultants, licensees and assign from and against any and all claims which Participants have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action arising out of the production, distribution, broadcast or exhibition of photographs, footage or any communication materials.

All Participants are only entitled to take photographs and film footage of Participants participation in the Event for non-commercial purposes and only for personal and private use only.

Participants are not entitled to reproduce or use photographs or footage of the Event on any website, in any printed media or in any television programme without first obtaining the prior written consent of the Organizer.

Participants hereby agree to assign (by way of present assignment of future copyright) all Participants right, title and interest in the world-wide copyright and all intellectual property rights in such photographs or footage in perpetuity together with exclusive world-wide rights of exploitation thereof to AutoTurismo.RS.

Participants shall deliver to AutoTurismo.RS within 60 days of the end of the Event, at no cost to AutoTurismo.RS, a tape in DigiBeta (PAL) or in DV (PAL) format of all the footage originated by Participants at the Event and copies of all photographs taken at the Event.

  1. Terms and Conditions Changes

The Organizer reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time subject to notifying Participants of the changes.

Participants shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms and Conditions by participating in the Event.

  1. Force Majeure

No refund will be granted to Participants in case the Event is cancelled, in whole or in part, for reasons not attributable to the Organizer such as, but not limited to, weather, disasters, strikes and demonstrations.

  1. Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions and Participants participation in the Event are governed by Italian law, and Participants submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Italy.

The language governing the relationship shall be Italian.

  1. Violation of Terms

If any Participants violate any of the above Terms and Conditions or refuse to follow the instructions given to Participants prior or during the Event by the Organizer, Participants may be prohibited from any or further participation in the Event.

  1. Severability

If any one or more of the provisions contained in this Terms and Conditions shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law, then the other terms and provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby and shall remain in full force and effect.

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